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Lightweight, mouldable and extremely shock absorbent, foam is also used in various parts of automobiles. The Thai Foam Group helps to ensure the safety of drivers throughout the region by providing bumper cores (EPP or PIOCELAN moulded) and side-door safety cushions (EPP moulded) to some of the world's biggest automobile manufacturers. Many other parts of the car also use foam, from the seats and head rests to the toolbox in the boot.

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Not only clean and hygienic, foam is also a great insulator and as a result is the perfect material for packaging food products. The Thai Foam Group uses no hazardous substances in any of its foam products, so customers are assured that their food is packed in the safest possible materials. The group provides packing foam to the fast food industry and makes heat-resistant containers for instant meals Foam can also keep food cool, making it ideal for use in the frozen food industry and as ice-boxes; great for that picnic on the beach!